Minggu, 27 September 2009

dias ..

Hello my dearest aunt CC, Monday probably will be the turning point day in your life. You will be recognized not only just as a daughter, a sister, and an aunt but also as a soon-to-be-bride of a man of your dream (Is he the one for you? That is probably the question that only you and your heart know for sure). I can not say how grateful I was when finally heard the news from my mom that you were actually getting married, you are one of the most endured person I’ve met in my entire life. You did not just take care of yourself but you also take care of my grandfather, my uncle and my other aunt, because honestly if I were you, I would just whining all day long and yet you’re not. I know that you’ve been through a lot of an obstacle in your life and your love life is not even better, that is why I believed that you deserved this. You deserved to love and to be loved by someone that adore and head over heels for you, you my dearest aunt deserved to feel happy. I may seem oblivious and obnoxious to some people but am truly care about you because truth be told you were so nice and care to me even though I’m not the nicest niece to even begin with. I sincerely feel happy for you, and you should know that the last few days you ranting about whether he’ll accept you and your flaw should be the last thing you concern. If he were really the one, he will accept you no matter what, flawed or flawless. At last I just want to say CONGRATULATION and HAVE A GREAT LIFE AHEAD, I WISH ALL THE BEST OF LUCK FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND, MAY GOD BLESS YOU Love and kisses Dias ♥♥♥